San Marcos, California


This mixed-use project redefines smart-growth development for San Marcos, California.  Numerous legislative, administrative and logistical issues were overcome with great cooperation between developer, community, state and most importantly local agencies.  The ambitious vision of providing 66 affordable townhomes/apartments with commercial storefronts, community services, paseos, courtyards and Creekside promenade was achieved.

The new development creates a new urban core along San Marcos Creek. Street-side storefronts activate the boulevard with entries, signage, street corner fountains, trellises, landscaping and seating.  The apartment balconies and living rooms, on the upper floors, overlook the streets and pedestrian paths engaging residents with the community‚Äôs activities.  Residents are encouraged to live, work and shop within walking distance.

The state-of-art design is an urban collection of homes and shops.  Individual residences and commercial spaces are expressed with varied facades, roof lines, finish materials and colors.  Fire-resistive building materials were carefully selected for bush-management.  The development is designed with many sustainable features, such as, drought tolerant planting, well water for irrigation, recycled materials, low-flow plumbing fixtures, high-efficiency lighting, energy-star appliances, photovoltaic panels, cool roof and increased building insulation. The design provides much needed affordable housing for families in the heart of the city with access to commerce and recreation.