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Irvine, California

This development will consist of 60 Row Homes, Community Center and Retail Building on a 2.2 acre site.  The vision and purpose of this mixed-use project is to revitalize and enhance the Chicago Linden neighborhood.  The proposed neighborhood development will create a new neighborhood spirit and promote the existing identity through an interactive and pedestrian friendly environment.

The cornerstone of this project will be a single story commercial-retail building located at the intersection of 7th Street and Chicago Ave.  The building will bring neighborhood scaled businesses to the site.   Corner businesses along with the adjacent Community Building will be an entry gate feature that highlights the neighborhood.  It will include small plaza spaces, landscaping, distinctive architectural features and signage.  The distinctive use of building materials and special architectural elements will add visual interest.  It will also provide convenient access to groceries and other basic needs within walking distance of local residents.  Moreover, it will provide a place for neighbors to spontaneously meet and help build a sense of community.  The community building could house the locally desired neighborhood social amenities and programs that will maintain the quality of living environment for the long term.

The remaining site design will consist of housing reminiscent of Southern California’s Bungalow courtyard housing of the mid-1900.   Housing will be an arrangement of two-story townhomes, private drives, motor courts and traditional courtyards with interconnecting pedestrian walkways and sidewalks.  The intent is to maximize the pedestrian scaled environment and to allow for small urban outdoor gathering spaces. 

Rodriguez Associates incorporates client and community input and contextualism to create strong designs that are unique and appropriate. The firm understands that successful projects are truly collaborative efforts by all those involved in the development process.

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